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Upcoming fundraiser - TBA

MY STORY - I wish I could write like Stephen King, but alas I write like Stephen Juno.

My days of starting to do some fundraising goes back to 2008. I arrived in Appleton from Superior in 1995. Amazing how you have more then 6 days of summer here. I of course like classic rock in many forms. So the obvious choice for radio was WAPL 105.7. Love the station and remember the Rick and Len Show as these 2 guys I love and utilized. Not that theres anything wrong with that.

For many years WAPL would have a Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin Radiothon to raise funds for the kids. The kids stories had me in tears. Honest. Then after some years Emily Phillip comes along telling us her story and with all her issues she still stepped up and raised funds for the CHW and Make-A-Wish.

Some of my first donations 2008.

Charity Picture

In 2004 I had started SteveO Productions to be a promoter of National rock acts and local talents. Something’s you are good at something’s not. SteveO Productions is now an awards business. And I love it!
In 2008 Emily inspired me to start donating items. With the connections I made in promoting I was able to get contact to many of the agents of National groups from the short time of promoting. John Domagall from ARM Entertaiment opened so many doors to rock artists. I went directly to the exclusive agents. Believe it or not my first email was to Scorpions agent in Gissen, Germany Peter Amend, who got back to me the next day! They have signed for me 4 times! Above are just some of the first items that I donated to the WAPL Radiothon the first year. Scorps Guitar went for $1500.00 Jackyl Chainsaw also went for $1500.00...All totaled 9 items raised $4700 ish! From then on with WAPL, Rick and Len Show auctions the bands/athletes taking the time, myself, the raffles and the bidders, it just continues to grow.


I also do fundraising locally mainly for the Knuth Family. I met Charlie Knuth thru a local business owner Patty of the Darboy Corner Store. She told me about Charlie, Trisha and and his struggle with EB. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a group of life-threatening genetic disorders that affect the body's largest organ: the skin. Individuals with EB lack critical proteins that bind the skin's two layers together. Without these proteins, the skin tears apart, blisters, and shears off leading to severe pain, disfigurement and wounds that may never heal. So much work to keep re-bandaged and free from infection.

And I thought I was having a bad life. He is in pain every day. Fell in love with him right off the bat. Have met him many times with his dad Kevin. Trisha (Mom) is a sweetheart, as the whole family is, to deal with one child with EB is hard enough. But the Knuth"s decided to adopt another child with EB. It amazes me the change in this little girl, Meili. And the story of her travel was here so special.

Eddie Vedder is a spokesman for EB and his foundation is the Contact with Pearl Jam helped as donated autographed used drumheads have gone for $1000 ea. I continue to raise funds for them as recent 12/10/2018 with the help of WAPL Rick and Len Show. 2 items went for $1300.00!!!!

Other auctioned off items thru the years.

Pearl Jam Head. Three have gone for at least $1000.00

Pearl Jam Head



Brett Favre football raised $500.00, Paul Hornug vs Gayle Sayers mini helmets raised $850.00. All for CHW.